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Just Play it! AllThemWitches_

Just Play it! Ohgr – Dog

JPI: Placebo feat. David Bowie – Without you i’m nothing.

JPI: otis taylor

JPI!FIREWATER – Get Out Of My Head

Just Play it!: you’ve got foetus on your breath – i am surrounded by incompetence

Just play it! She’s in parties…Wardour Street London, March 1983

Ouep tout c’est filmé là il parait…

Smack to Keith!

Keith Flint est mort! Fucking sorry about that! Il parait que c’est un chagrin d’amour.

L’amour est fort comme la mort… Alors respect!

Comme y disait lui la en bas

It’s a fucking long road out of hell…


Coach de vie, you life coatch!

Hey you interweb user thing, how life is been treating you?
Salut les interwebs choses! Comment la vie vous traite? (joke about milking a cow!)

For the last month life is been shit to me, so wtf? I don’t really care cause it’s always been like this for years. ( i can still know the good things from the bad ones…)Pour les derniers mois la vie est couçi-couça…Je sais pas comment ça s’écrit ce terme de merde mais c’est ça! (Mais je suis toujours up and go, rien n’est pire ou mieux! Im the same old fucking depress guy!)

Just do not let yourselves drown in the river of tears and hate bullshit thing!
Ne tombez pas dans la rivière de merde et de pleurs, STAND UP PROUND!



This song is for you all!