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Just Play It! Miss Wayne Static!!! Static-X « Stingwray » Official Video

Just Play it! Revolting Cocks – You Often Forget – Live

Just PLay It! : BELZEBUBS – Blackened Call

Love the drawings on this vids, music not that much. I have to listen more of it before judging it! J’aime vraiment le vidéo à cause de l’animation…Pour la musique faudrais que j’en écoute plus!

Just Play It: Royal Blood – Lights Out

Just Play it! Thrill Kill Kult – A Daisy Chain 4 Satan

Monday of pleasures / Lundi extase! H1Z1!

Sur Twitch dans pas long! On Twitch in the next minutes!

Just Play It! 1000mods-Road To Burn

Just Play It: Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away…for Mr.Bureda

Just Play It! Marilyn Manson – Cry Little Sister

Yep! Again another cover, this time from one of my favorite vampire movie…Lost Boys.
Mr.Manson got this fingers right on the tone and feelings of this song, marvelous. Get me goosebumps!

Just Play It! Night Club – « Need You Tonight » (INXS cover)

Pas trop mon genre, mais comme j’écoutais du INXS dans mon enfance c’est venu me chercher…