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Comme y disait lui la en bas

It’s a fucking long road out of hell…


Coach de vie, you life coatch!

Hey you interweb user thing, how life is been treating you?
Salut les interwebs choses! Comment la vie vous traite? (joke about milking a cow!)

For the last month life is been shit to me, so wtf? I don’t really care cause it’s always been like this for years. ( i can still know the good things from the bad ones…)Pour les derniers mois la vie est couçi-couça…Je sais pas comment ça s’écrit ce terme de merde mais c’est ça! (Mais je suis toujours up and go, rien n’est pire ou mieux! Im the same old fucking depress guy!)

Just do not let yourselves drown in the river of tears and hate bullshit thing!
Ne tombez pas dans la rivière de merde et de pleurs, STAND UP PROUND!



This song is for you all!



Whatch out à la Salade Romaine!




Burn, Cry, Then get the fuck up!

Nothing goes like you want, if that’s the case your a fucking winner!
But is that, what you wanted? Is that you’ve been working for?

Fucking nobody care, only universe is understanding you…
That infinite shit hole call universe! Confortable way of thinking!
We shall be there bleeding!

Bon assez les poèmes bas de gamme, de retour sur l’interweb pis
pis le social networkkk!

Cause nothing is normal, in the norm!

See you soon Racoons!






Get in, on, off, repeat and die!

Yep another week is going on tomorow! What will be different tomorow? What will you want to achieve? Seriously good! No fucktard shooting, just be yourself? What the fuck you wanna change? And what da fuck you gonna tell with your fucking beautiful mouth!?







When i think about Fortnite…



Just Play It! Busta Rhymes – #TWERKIT

So That is it…Twerk your fucking body temple!


Just Play it! 3TEETH – NIHIL

Those guys just blow me off! Right in the track i am. Before beeing a performer and to throw a message, i think you got to get what inside yourself out!
And THAT! Is what is giving me goosebumps about 3Teeth! (Yep im subject to like industrial bands!). My soul is lost so is yours! 🙂


Your best social dude!

Bon, ouep anglophones guys it’s time to jump the fence, and follow a bit.

J’ai laché le merveilleux monde social de Facebook. Pis what the fuck! Rien, juste plus de temps. Plus de pouvoir sur moi mëme.
J’ai pas la pensé du jour de la planète, pis je feel bien! Go fuck yourself with your good old self feeling of the day!

But this is not that bad!

Toute la crap sur ce site c’est incroyable, les annonces, les patentes de vote des states of amerikkka toute fucké!
Vous saisissez? Hum! NOttttt. Sure.

Twitter now on! Less publicity, moins de pubs de marde!
More liike i don’t know who you are, mais j’aime bien what you stand for!

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Eat me MTF!

Just Play it! Satyricon – Fuel For Hatred