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Just Play It! : Black Flag – My War

One of my favorite song, and fav album ever!



Just Play it: Suicidal Tendencies – « Institutionalized »

Entrée 17/09/18

Hey Mothafucka’s whuz up?

Tonight and everynight, i stop myself to thoses questions, who always come back at me like a boomerang. Like a song who stay there in your head, and for sure always come back when you don’t think about it!

The point here is not as a nice draw line who get you where you want to be at! It a fucking blurry line, that you try to follow…But this line sometime dissolve into split ways. That certain ppl follow.
Call it HDHD, Depression or anything else… Is there anything good to that thinking… Fucking great things come from it!

The first time i’v been feeling like a creepozoïd like this whas like i where 3 years old. When my father rejected my mom and myself, but fuck, that’s life. Why i should pay for thas shitty beeing?
The answer is that i need that father figure… And now what i’m a creep to society, this should not happen, not that way… You can hear a lot of fuckings reason, and in little ears that shit sound
so bizarre…What is this fucking world? Why should i be here? What’s the fucking point obeing all those social perception, that make feel like the creep i am?

At this time there is no lines, all is blurry. All you do is listening to all you ear around you. You’r  at no age to make choice to think, to be yourself.

They all teach you all thoses things, how to behave, how to be, how to act, how to not be…(i will not talk about christianity here…That’s again, a way to loose what you really are!).

Then your like 5 years old or six or whatever!

They all know something is not normal, what is that?

This is the thing, everyone else can’t say to a 5,6 or 7 yeas old boy: The world is fucking crap, rules are fucking crap, listen to yourself, like yourself, build yourself, there is no fucking one
who can tell who what to do or do not, just be the balance, balance the good things from the bad one ( Where ok with the fact that at this conscience need to be tough by older ppl that understand this
really profoundly). Only by that, At this age, consciousness should developp by time.

The road next is something very long…At least for me.

It’s the rejecting, it’s the punch in the face, it’s the drug, it’s the alcool…

Then if there is this little thing in your head, who still making you vibe…Each time you vibe, it’s lightening  up, you think, you’r mind get closer to something you wish you could have…(See theses 3 points now, you won’t achieve it now!).

So to all thoses out there, who got that fucking vibe, this little light. I wish you the best.
You don’t have to follow thoses straight line, drawn for you by other. Stay yourself. There will always be someone like you somewhere.!

Fuck what they think, think up for yourselves, be what there not, be human, have a fucking heart.

Love u! Get thoses muthafucka out with you and rule the world!

Sweet Dreams!

J’vous souhaite tous de beax rêves! Wish you all sweet dreams!

Love take care!

Time to let loose and play now!

After creating a bit, it’s time to let loose. Get in a game… Whatever and play it!
Relax, Chill and friendly to all those who come on board in the love boat lol!

Après un ptit peu de création, la récréation…M’en vas dans une jeux quelquonque….!
La croisière s’amuse! Get on Boat in 10 mins!

This GiF, is for those who where raised in the eighties…I know, i’m a dry old biscuit with and awsome taste!

I like u Mothafucka!

Small clip i made, incredible interview found on Utube…

This guy get the words out of my mouth about so much things, in so few words…

THINK! MuthaFucka!




Ajout de jeux à la rotation Twitch / Games added in Twitch Channel

Deux jeux ce rajoutent à la rotation. Two game are added in rotation:

– Destiny 2

– God of War 3

Have a great time tonight on Destiny 2, this game sound so  »Halo’esque » lol!
J’ai eu du bon temps à soir sur Destiny 2, la trame sonore me fait tellement penser à Halo…


Have fun dreams all, see ya later!!





Music and video mix by me, interpret it like you want…




So Whaaaaaaaaaaaazzzz Up?!?

Not much, here! Summer, relaxing, beer…

Pas besoin de traductions pour les frenchies qui me suive non?! Lol!

J’essaie d’amélioré mon Twitch, mais c’est fucking hard.
J’ai un défi à relevé la, le  »who whatch the watcher ».
Moyenne de 3 spectateur par stream par mois… Pas foutu de faire ça!

J’adore Streamer maise est-ce nécessaire…?
J’aimerais avoir ce défi, est-ce que vous pouvez aidez? Oui!
Fucking get on the channels!

Im trying to get the channel to level up, but need the who watch the watcher thing to get ok!
Been two months now… It’s fucking long for me.
Common! Help me beat that shit up!

WTF!!!!!??? Get to me! 🙂


Bienvenue à tous, welcome to all!

Merci à ceux qui ce sont inscrit sur le site, faites moi signe je mord pas!
Thank you to thoses who made an account on the site, say hello i won’t bite anyone.

Lot of .ru email! Lol!