À venir / to come…Travail en cours….in getting into matter!! »!


Atmospheric, with suicidal, black landscapes. Ear it as a drama/horror soundtrack.
À écouter comme une

bande originale de film d’horreur/drame, de l’atmosphérique, aux décors noir, suicidaire.

With that, some shit running trough my head, again and again. In a mix of french/english.
Kind of bisexual with thoses languages.


As i walked trought the valley of death, j’me suis coucher and closed my eyes.
Entouré de noir, jouissance et tranquillité. Then i let my self go away.
Nothing in my consciousness remains, appart, le vent, l’eu la chaleur.
No more empty souls to confuse me about life or haunting me à propos d’amour
er me faisant croire à des choses without real values and that anyone doesnt’t give
a fucking shit theses days . False gods we’re absent. This abyss was
my new home, and i fucked like it. This place seem to be mine. Dans
un abysse noir je m’enlise, je suis bien…enfin…

01- Walking into the Valley…



04 –

0s –

06 –









Font: Cocaine sans by chris hansen, all rights reserved