Just Play It! All Them Witches – « Diamond »

Sweet Dreams!

J’vous souhaite tous de beax rêves! Wish you all sweet dreams!

Love take care!

Time to let loose and play now!

After creating a bit, it’s time to let loose. Get in a game… Whatever and play it!
Relax, Chill and friendly to all those who come on board in the love boat lol!

Après un ptit peu de création, la récréation…M’en vas dans une jeux quelquonque….!
La croisière s’amuse! Get on Boat in 10 mins!


This GiF, is for those who where raised in the eighties…I know, i’m a dry old biscuit with and awsome taste!

I like u Mothafucka!

Small clip i made, incredible interview found on Utube…

This guy get the words out of my mouth about so much things, in so few words…

THINK! MuthaFucka!




Just Play It! Johnny Cash – Hurt

In my life now i’m sure about something, that this version of the song, is the best song ever for me.
You go like, this is it, i can hide no more. This is my life, i’v done things and now i’ll be gone!

Goosebumps anytime i listen to this, thanks Mr.Renzor and thanks Mr. Cash.

Cause you can have my empire of dirt!



Ajout de jeux à la rotation Twitch / Games added in Twitch Channel

Deux jeux ce rajoutent à la rotation. Two game are added in rotation:

– Destiny 2

– God of War 3

Have a great time tonight on Destiny 2, this game sound so  »Halo’esque » lol!
J’ai eu du bon temps à soir sur Destiny 2, la trame sonore me fait tellement penser à Halo…


Have fun dreams all, see ya later!!



Just Play it! With Lyrics…


You’re alone in the pack, you’re feeling like you wanna go home
You’re feeling life’s finished but you keep on going,
the reason is there You won’t find it till you’ve been and gone
because you’re living a hoax Someones got you sussed

Dull your brain or seek inspiration
You feel illusion and then you finally say transfer
Transform a machine to play with your head
So you can stand back and watch or take part and learn

If you don’t know the game,
then you’re still part of it Because out on the streets,
it’s strange to see the show Knowing full well that you’re on the range
Dodge the bullets or carry the gun, the choice is yours

(drummer is singing the next part)
Look at the controller, a Nazi with a social degree
A middle-class hero, a rapist with your eyes on me Increase your masturbation,
three cheers for the Nazi fuck You’d wipe out spastics if you had the chance
But Jesus wouldn’t like it, no

Just Play It! PIGFACE – I Can Do No Wrong

When music has soul it give that:



Wow, Eminem and all that bitchin…

So much talent wasted, about each other who eat who dick!

This is really crap!

Wish you all good vibes!

Funny dudes here:

Just Play it! MTF! Die Antwoord – Dis Iz Why I’m Hot INTRO High Definition (Zef Remix)

Godddam, i love thoses motherfuckers ( More Yolandi, that booty! Woa!). The grooves just flow easily, and shit they’r true to themself…
BTW, Ninja is a MTF creepy lovely guy too! 🙂