Just Play it ; TERRA TENEBROSA – Exuvia

Then if you go to the garden and get your hands dirty in the soil you should find something more profound than anything…LIFE



Just Play It! : Einstürzende Neubauten The Garden

So many title to categorize all shit we listen, we love, we follow… Fuck off! But if you want,
you can find me in the garden!


Just Play It! Busta Rhymes – #TWERKIT

So That is it…Twerk your fucking body temple!


Just Play it! 3TEETH – NIHIL

Those guys just blow me off! Right in the track i am. Before beeing a performer and to throw a message, i think you got to get what inside yourself out!
And THAT! Is what is giving me goosebumps about 3Teeth! (Yep im subject to like industrial bands!). My soul is lost so is yours! 🙂


Just Play it! Puscifer – Breathe

One of my fav !



Just Play it! Lords of Acid ~ I Sit On Acid (Extended Remix) HQ

Your best social dude!

Bon, ouep anglophones guys it’s time to jump the fence, and follow a bit.

J’ai laché le merveilleux monde social de Facebook. Pis what the fuck! Rien, juste plus de temps. Plus de pouvoir sur moi mëme.
J’ai pas la pensé du jour de la planète, pis je feel bien! Go fuck yourself with your good old self feeling of the day!

But this is not that bad!

Toute la crap sur ce site c’est incroyable, les annonces, les patentes de vote des states of amerikkka toute fucké!
Vous saisissez? Hum! NOttttt. Sure.

Twitter now on! Less publicity, moins de pubs de marde!
More liike i don’t know who you are, mais j’aime bien what you stand for!

sign « your best social dude! »

Eat me MTF!

Just Play it! Satyricon – Fuel For Hatred

Just Play it now Mothafucka! Melvins – A History of Bad Men

Just Play nothing! King Buzzo calls out Dave Grohl — RMOTF!